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name: nurul azika abdul jalil.. studying at UPM Bintulu,sarawak.. Amek Diploma in Agriculture..i'm now already finish my diploma... weeeeeee~~~ ^_^ Mempunyai family yg kecik jer, tp masing2 dah besar..hehehhe My Daddy( Abdul Jalil B. Abu Bakar), My Mummy ( Noorma Binti Ramli ) and My Brother ( Muhammad Nuraizat B. Abdul Jalil )..she already be part of my family My Little Sis (Nazila Che Mat)... Happy dgn life sekarang... syukur Alhamdulillah~~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Dear smokers,

Please get a plastic bag for yourself whenever you want start smoking.
So you can enjoy the smoke 100% by yourself, i dont want any percent of it.
And some of my friends, too.

Don't-like-smoke guy/girl.

p/s: copy and paste this message at your profile to support the keep-smoke-away campaign!

Love =)

~azika jalil~

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